There is hardly any eye disease that cannot be treated.

However, it is not possible to completely cure all eye diseases. However, they can be stabilized, or their development slowed down significantly. It is often possible not only to preserve the visual acuity but also to improve it by around 15 – 20 %. In cases of myopia and cataracts at an advanced stage, recovery will unfortunately remain limited.

In patients with both, macular degeneration and cataract, surgery is often not performed due to the minimal chance of success. It is then recommended to treat first the macular degeneration by eye acupuncture and then proceed to the cataract operation. It is surprising to note that the success of treatment depends more on the patient’s reaction to the method than on the severity of the eye disease or his/her age.

In many patients an immediate reaction can be seen, in others it will take a little longer, but only 15% of the patients are not at all reacting to acupuncture.

A scientific study at John Hopkins University in New York even found an improvement in 50% of patients treated. The improvements manifested themselves either in improved central vision, improved visual field, improved night vision, or improved color perception.

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