according to John Boel

John Boel’s discovery is that there are treatment points (reflex points) in and around the joints of your body. Those reflex points are connected to various parts of the brain.

He found an exceptional acupuncture microsystem that made him so optimistic that he named it Acupuncture 2000 / Acunova. The reason for this name is that it is very likely that it is the Acupuncture System of the future. This acupuncture technique works completely differently than most other acupuncture systems.

The points used in AcuNova are located around the joints of the body. Around the joints is specific structure of tissue that is very similar in its functions to brain tissue. This resemblance is the key to AcuNova.

Why does Acupuncture 2000 work?


Treatment for pain


Treatment for sport injuries


Treatment for allergies